End of Lease Options

Replace, Return, or Refinance
When the term of your lease comes to an end, you have several options. Buy or lease a new BMW or purchase your leased vehicle.

Buy or lease a new BMW
This is one of the most popular options when it comes time for your lease return. Who wouldn't love a new car? With this option you have two choices to choose from. You can turn in your current leased vehicle (subject to certain conditions, of course) or use it as a trade-in on a new BMW. Call us at (888) 445-2392 for additional details on trading-in (or turning in) your leased vehicle.

Purchase your current vehicle using financing
If you are in love with the car you already have. We can help with several financing options to help you purchase your vehicle.

If you are interested in knowing more about Gault BMW's End of Lease Options, then give one of our lease-end specialist a call at (888) 445-2392. We are here to help you make the perfect lease end decision that is best for you.

We have many new vehicles that could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.